Wednesday, August 13, 2008

GAUDI- top 10 favorite Reggae tracks

We're all excited over here at Six Degrees because Gaudi has come over to our shores for his first U.S. tour. Gaudi was raised in Italy but his first musical passion was reggae music. In fact, to this day, much of Gaudi's "English" is peppered with Jamaican slang that he picked up from those classic early records. He tells me that he raised many an eye brow when he first moved to the UK with his strange hybrid of English with an Italian accent, Jamaican rasta slang all topped of with a slight Island lilt to his voice.

In celebration of his North American trip we asked Gaudi to put together this list of his all time favorite reggae-rockers:

Gaudi's top 10 favorite Reggae tracks

BOB MARLEY – Redemption song
MAX ROMEO – I chase the devil
THE ABYSSINIANS – Satta massagana
KEN BOOTHE – The train is coming
JIMMY CLIFF – The harder they come
BLACK UHURU – Guess who’s coming to dinner
GREGORY ISAAC – Nightnurse
THIRD WORLD - Now that we found love
EEK A MOUSE - Wa do dem

For a free download of the track "Bethe Bethe Kese Kese"click here

Video of Gaudi live Dub n' Breaks tour:


Sebastian said...

"Coming in From the Cold" has to be the best Marley tune. "Redemption Song" has that tinge of guilt, but "Coming in From the Cold" has that in-your-face here I am feel to it.

Global Noize said...

Gaudi rocked it HARD at Temple the other night!

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