Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My brother in law (who obviously knows me quite well) sent me the following comic strip from Dustin Glick. Let's just say that it "resonated" strongly with me. I suspect more than a few of you can relate as well.

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Comic strip courtesy of Dustin Glick
For more of his inspired humor go to http://www.dustinland.com


velvetfuzz said...

Very funny stuff. I can relate indeed!

Ross F said...

The next time anyone asks me why I don't like Abba and won't be going to see the execrable Mamma Mia, or even worse attending a 'singalong' screening (the thought makes my skin crawl) I will just hand them a printout of this, or email it to them - absolutely perfect!

Bob D said...

I know, he "nailed it" perfectly.

It truly is both a blessing and a curse!