Friday, October 30, 2009

DJ Vinnie Esparza's Friday Five

Lawdy Lawd! I have these hot tracks that are just aching to be posted. Let's get on with it already!

A timeless track that could have easily been made today, or 30+ years ago (which it was). A relentless groove!

I love me some Gabor Szabo, and this track is one of my faves. From the underrated "Jazz Raga" LP on Impulse.

The Cool Ruler at Work. Lee Perry at the controls. 1976

Mid-60s Chicano sweet soul that instantly turns me into a mere puddle of water.

Slammin' descarga courtesy of NYC bad-ass Johnny Colon.

BONUS ROUND: "For Your Height Only" movie trailer.

A Filipino Mini-James Bond? The best movie ever made?????

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nueva Cumbia Argentina: The Buenos Aires Implosion!:

FREE DOWNLOAD - Los Destellos-Elsa (Sonido Martines remix feat. Fefe)

I'm not sure when Cumbia made the transition to THE hot flavor for
global dance floors around the planet- but for some time now we've
been experiencing "Cumbia- Mania" which has encompassed a seemingly
never ending stream of mash ups, remixes and re-issues. Our buddy DJ
has just released a great new compilation on his fine Soot
which is sure to keep the Cumbia
fires stoked. Here's the official spiel:

Cumbia! The infectious Latin American rhythm keeps on grooving –
from makeshift dancefloors in Mexico to trend-hunting clubs across
Europe. Millions dance to it each weekend across the Americas, and
cumbia's blogosphere love and gringo attention has skyrocketed in the
past year, so we turned to the most knowledgeable cumbiambero we
know, Buenos Aires' Sonido Martines, to guide us through cumbia's
roots and future.

Nueva Cumbia Argentina is set to be the most important cumbia
compilation of 2009. It includes major figures Damas Gratis and DJ
Taz, whose work kickstarted both cumbia villera the new cumbia/cumbia
digital scene. The comp then reaches forward to the latest
developments, like El Hijo de la Cumbia, who got his start producing
for big-name Mexican cumbia soundsystems before going solo.

Sonido Martines was the perfect person to organize this compilation.
The Argentine has spent the last decade traveling between
Bolivia, Buenos Aires, Bogota, and Lima, organizing parties and
connecting scenes in the emerging independent cumbia movement.
He's collaborating with national radio in Argentina on a series about
cumbia and tropical music. Martines is recognized as one of
South America's premiere record diggers, finding obscure vinyl LPs
and hot-off-the-harddrive digital bangers. The result is the
sweetly-tuned snapshot of the best in nueva cumbia in the '00s, from
cumbia villera's populist explosion to Kompact-influenced
electronica hybrids.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Alice Russell - Pot of Gold Remixes

FREE DOWNLOAD - Alice Russell - Living the Life of a Dreamer (Mr. Scruff remix)

Alice Russell - Let Us Be Loving - Dir Steve Glashier 2009

2009 has been quite a year for Alice Russell, at the start of the year Six Degrees Records released "Pot of Gold" - produced by TM JUKE - and will now release a follow up album of 32 remixed tracks from the full length album. Alice Russell's funky, soulful masterpiece full length has been given the world class remix treatment from an all star cast of producers. Remixers include Mr. Scruff, DJ Vadim, J Boogie, Shawn Lee, Ohmega Watts and many more! "Pot of Gold Remixes" - the 32 track digital only release is due October 27th with a physical version of the collection out December 15th.

In between these releases Alice worked with David Byrne (“Working with a singer like Alice was something new, terrifying and ultimately amazing.” David Byrne), toured around the world, including the Big Chill festival and has turned on many new fans to her spine-tingling voice. -Read the full Post-

Friday, October 23, 2009

DJ Vinnie Esparza's Friday Five

Friday means five flavorful treats to start your weekend off right!

Late 60s Cadet Records could do no wrong. Here is one of my faves. Incense is not included.

Sublime example of British "library" (soundtrack) music from the almighty KPM label.

Heavy tune from New York based Wackie's Records.

If the band's name is "Fried Chicken," PLEASE believe it's gonna be good.

Obscure treat from one of two dynamite LPs Ray Terrace recorded for Jubilee. Fuego!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Playing for Change

Great video, great cause! Featuring our friend Rocky Dawuni alongside Bono and many others. Check out for more information on upcoming events! -Read the full Post-

Wednesday, October 21, 2009



SABRA SESSIONS VOL. 1 is a high energy Israeli dance club hip hop influenced mix by Diwon, the American-Israeli DJ/Producer extraordinaire behind the Shemspeed label. The listener hears Diwon remixing, choppin up, slowing down, speeding up, and sampling all types of sounds to create a seamless mix of seemingly disjointed tracks that sound like Israel landed on top of Daft Punk & M.I.A.'s studio. "Sabra Sessions" is a mixtape I was driven to do," commented Diwon, "where I remixed, chopped, and sped up Israeli and Hebrew music to the style of Baltimore and Miami club music and beyond." The Sabra Sessions makes for a festive and energetic blend into Israeli culture, Hebrew music, and the sounds that move people to dance floors worldwide. Enjoy it and feel free to blast it to your emails, blogs, facebook groups, twitters...and all. -Read the full Post-

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dunkelbunt - Raindrops and Elephants

Free Download - Dunkelbunt - Cinnamon Girl (Roskilde Edit)

Dunklebunt is a musician, producer and dj based out of Vienna. He crafts a very unique blend of jazzy electronic music that incorporates Eastern European and Balkan flavors with dub, dancehall and ragga vibes. When he is not djng or producing he also blends his own spices that you can mix with your coffee and tea, like I said he is unique. If you like the free sample track today, go check out the other Dunkelbunt albums that Piranha Musik has put out on vinyl and cd. You will not be disappointed!

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Friday, October 16, 2009

DJ Vinnie Esparza's Friday Five

Once again, Friday brings a great music and cool vids to kick off your weekend! Enjoy!

Early Frankie Paul with the extended DJ mix. Heavy sounds!

One of my "most wanted" records. Truly beautiful rendition of this rainy day classic.

More vibes, this time with a Latin feel, from this criminally underrated talent. Fans of Cal Tjader, listen up!

Six Degree's own Bob D. turned me on to this gem. Thanks, Bob!

Fans of Cumbia and Dubstep listen up, local SF DJ Sneaky P hooked up this fresh remix from a record I sold him. Nice!

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

CéU - O Ronco da Cuíca - Programa Ensaio

CéU - O Ronco da Cuíca - Programa Ensaio
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

African Dope: Cape of Good Dope Mix #2


I love finding out about scrappy, like minded labels tucked away in the different corners of the world. For many years now, I have been corresponding with my man Roach from African Dope Records based out of South Africa. Far from your pre-conceived notions of what a South African label should sound like, African Dope has been putting out releases that focus on everything from hip hop, dubstep, breaks and glitch electronica all with a modern African flavor.

The label's excellent new "Cape of Good Dope 2 Mix" serves as a nice primer to what they are all about. -Read the full Post-

Monday, October 12, 2009

International Observer: House of the Rising Dub

FREE DOWNLOAD - International Observer - House of the Rising Dub (Dubmission Records)

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure to have lunch with Tom Bailey, formerly of the Thompson Twins. Tom was visiting in San Francisco on tour with his more recent musical alter ego- International Observer. We first became aware that this former 80's pop star was operating as a first rate electronic dub producer, when he did his excellent remix for the Bombay Dub Orchestra's track "Monsoon Malabar". It seems that not only does he have a love for the dub but he also has a deep abiding respect for Indian music and has spent lots of time over in that part of the world collaborating with classical musicians. Despite many years of pop stardom, Tom is a true humble gentleman, who is now making music that he loves, for the love of it. Today, his label Dubmission Records' founder Crazy Baldhead has generously allowed us to share a track from the fine new International Observer record, Felt. It's a great, dubbed out cover of the classic "House of the Rising Sun" which Tom has creatively transformed into "House of the Rising Dub". Check it out- and by all means delve deeper into the catalog of this latest chapter in the musical life of this fascinating artist. -Read the full Post-

Friday, October 9, 2009

DJ Vinnie Esparza's Friday Five

Once again, Friday brings a bounty of beats from the crates of DJ Vinnie Esparza!

From an incredible album badly in need of a proper reissue. (WITH vinyl too please!). This track is pure fire.

I love me some Betty Wright. What an amazing singer AND producer.

From a Keith Hudson album called "Studio Kinda Cloudy." Extended mix of one of my favorite songs.

Wicked mid-tempo funk. "...and they can dance as good as they want!"

Drums for days on this fierce workout from Mr. Puente!

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vieux Farka Touré live

Just got this amazing footage of Vieux Farka Touré performing the song Diaraby Magni live at Colorado College. -Read the full Post-

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Free Download - Hawke - 'Inside Job' from the album +++

Gavin Hardkiss aka Hawke released his great new album +++ yesterday. Once again, Gavin has cheerfully ignored typical notions of genre typecasting and has crafted a record that mixes many different styles into a very unique, psychedelic, electronic collection of actual songs. The track Gavin has let us share with you today, "Inside Job" features an inspired collaboration with former Steve Miller band guitarist David Denny. Gavin describes it as "channeling Ry Cooder & Paul Simon".

If you are in the Bay Area, be sure to check out the record release party/art show happening this evening at the Project One Gallery located at 251 Rhode Island St. in San Francisco at 7pm. 16 visual artists were enlisted to create works inspired by the new record, so it should be a cool evening of music and art.5 -Read the full Post-

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

DJ UMB's India Calling: Dubstep Yaar Mix

Download DJ UMB's India Calling: Dubstep Yaar Mix

Our buddy DJ UMB has posted yet another killer Indian-centric dubstep mix up on Fairtilizer. As I told him, I was cranking this the other night at home and finally had to turn the volume down as I noticed I was shaking the neighbors windows. Further proof that the sounds of South Asia meld perfectly with the big bass wobble of dubstep.

Here's the Tracklist:

1. Intro – Bhor (Umb Edit) – Bandish Projekt
2. Journey (Liquid Strangers Sliptrip Edit) with Bhor sample (Umb Edit) – Bombay Dub Orchestra
3. Halaqa (Umb’s Edit-with sample from Puerta (Atlantean/Natacha Atlas) – Celt Islam
4. Cobra – 16 Bit
5. Ali (Deaf Bass Twins Remix) – Midival Punditz
6. Installer – Barbarix
7. Cassiopeia – Nuphlo
8. ;-)
9 ;-)
10. 12345 Technology (Barabrix mash up) – Bandish Projekt
11. Cop Killer- Sukh Knight
12. Boom – Datsik
13. ;-)
14. Kesariya Balam – Deaf Bass Twins
15. Sense Distortion – Bandish Projekt
16. Waiting (Umb Edit) – Bandish Projekt
17. Pragat Pritam – Nucleya
18. Atomizer – Nucleya
19 Outro – Words of Rumi -Read the full Post-

Monday, October 5, 2009

Slavic Soul Party!

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD - Slavic Soul Party - Taketron

Buy/Listen Slavic Soul Party - Taketron on Amazon

In the last few years the heavy brass sounds of gypsy music and Balkan inspired melodies has been infused into many sub-cultures of new music, including punk (Gogol Bordello) and electronic stylings (Balkan Brass Band). Slavic Soul Party keeps the brass out front but inflects it with heavy doses of JB's inspired rhythm and funk that keep the feet moving, heart pounding and dancefloors filled. Their newest album is Taketron and it continues the SSP tradition of fusing the Gypsy with American funk, soul and jazz. Check out SSP live whenever you get a chance, they just finished up their cd release tour in North America and are headed to Europe. They also have a legendary Tuesday night residency in Brooklyn at Barbés. -Read the full Post-

Friday, October 2, 2009

DJ Vinnie Esparza's Friday Five

It's Friday! What better way to celebrate than by checking out these 5 tasty treats below?!

Heavy duty Indian funk!

Sweet dancefloor soul from the highly underrated, Mighty Hannibal. The go-go dancers are my favorite!

Hmm...I wonder what it would sound like if The Impressions did a rocksteady track?

Cosmic disco funk with a heavy jazz influence from the late 70s.

Top notch vintage bossa nova. Too bad this record costs as much as a tropical island nowadays!

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Brownout - in Studio 1a at KUT

Brownout is about to embark on the Eastern leg of their CD Release tour. While in Texas they recorded this version of "Framed by Death" at KUT. The new album Aguilas and Cobras has been getting rave reviews and is available at your favorite record stores and iTunes, Amazon and the other usual suspects. -Read the full Post-