Monday, October 5, 2009

Slavic Soul Party!

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD - Slavic Soul Party - Taketron

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In the last few years the heavy brass sounds of gypsy music and Balkan inspired melodies has been infused into many sub-cultures of new music, including punk (Gogol Bordello) and electronic stylings (Balkan Brass Band). Slavic Soul Party keeps the brass out front but inflects it with heavy doses of JB's inspired rhythm and funk that keep the feet moving, heart pounding and dancefloors filled. Their newest album is Taketron and it continues the SSP tradition of fusing the Gypsy with American funk, soul and jazz. Check out SSP live whenever you get a chance, they just finished up their cd release tour in North America and are headed to Europe. They also have a legendary Tuesday night residency in Brooklyn at Barbés.

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