Monday, October 12, 2009

International Observer: House of the Rising Dub

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A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure to have lunch with Tom Bailey, formerly of the Thompson Twins. Tom was visiting in San Francisco on tour with his more recent musical alter ego- International Observer. We first became aware that this former 80's pop star was operating as a first rate electronic dub producer, when he did his excellent remix for the Bombay Dub Orchestra's track "Monsoon Malabar". It seems that not only does he have a love for the dub but he also has a deep abiding respect for Indian music and has spent lots of time over in that part of the world collaborating with classical musicians. Despite many years of pop stardom, Tom is a true humble gentleman, who is now making music that he loves, for the love of it. Today, his label Dubmission Records' founder Crazy Baldhead has generously allowed us to share a track from the fine new International Observer record, Felt. It's a great, dubbed out cover of the classic "House of the Rising Sun" which Tom has creatively transformed into "House of the Rising Dub". Check it out- and by all means delve deeper into the catalog of this latest chapter in the musical life of this fascinating artist.


Andrew T. Mackay said...

Just to add a few comments to this article. We were very thrilled when we heard that Tom was remixing Monsoon Malabar.
I had the great pleasure of catching up with Tom after several decades in Wandsworth, London last summer. Tom had been referred to us via the BBC's Pathaan after Tom and Pathaan had spoken about a film that I scored. Tom had seen the film - Little Box Of Sweets at the ICA in London then made the link to Bombay Dub Orchestra.

For me International Observer catch a vibe that I haven't felt for a long time.

A great moment for me a few months ago at the height of the Monsoon in my current home Bombay was looking out over the mangroves to the sea whilst I Listened to Tom's mix of Monsoon Malabar. Very apt.

Love n Peace


(Bombay Dub Orchestra)

andrew Ross Collins said...

Felt is a great album - well worth buying.

respect to the Observer and to Dubmission

quality music all the way



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