Monday, January 5, 2009

The Warheads: Nihon/Noir

Free Download - The Warheads - Scene One (Nipon/Noir)

Hey, it's '09 and we're back in the office and back in the blog game. I hope everyone had a great and restful holiday and that getting back to work or school or whatever your regular routine is hasn't been too painful. My break was filled with family, family, family. The highlight of the holidays consisted of my daughter and her gaggle of cousins wreaking sweet and noisy chaos wherever they went. It was a healthy re-charge to get out of work head space mode and into a world filled with beautiful kids. Perspective can be a wonderful thing. I also closed the week with a great set at Marin's monthly dance event, The Groove Garden which takes place in a church in Fairfax and has the most open-minded crowd of dancers I have ever had the occasion to spin for. I have been DJing the first Groove Garden of the year for many years now and the folks that attend this event never fail to give me back some wonderful energy that has me buzzing for days after the gig. Big thanks to founder and resident music master, DJ Dragonfly for having me back.

Today on the music front, we've got a great track from the San Francisco based production team who call themselves The Warheads. These guys are musicians who say they specialize in "the manipulation, re-arranging and remixing of original compositions, unique sounds and high quality audio". The track they have let us share with you is taken from Nihon/Noir, the soundtrack to a fictitious Japanese movie. Enjoy.

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