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End of Year Listmania Part 4

The end of the year Listmania continues. Enjoy the two free tracks below that made the lists. Check out the full post to find out what music our friends The Pinker Tones, Derek Beres, Señor Oz and GlobeSonic Sound System were listening to this year.

FREE DOWNLOAD - Cheb i Sabbah - Qalanderi (Six Degrees Records)

FREE DOWNLOAD - Pimps of Joytime - San Francisco Bound (DJ OBaH remix) (Wonderwheel Records)

Best of '08

Compiled by the Pinker Tones,Barcelona based Electro-popsters.

Profesor Manso's

Jamie Lidell - "JIM"
Best album of classic contemporary soul. In search of the perfect song...

Dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip - "Angles"
The discovery of the year! Masterfully unstructured beats featuring one of the best MC's of the moment.

Bon Iver - "For Emma, Forever Ago"
A beautiful heartbreaking story about love and misery. Intimate, warm and very personal.

Brazzaville - "21st Century Girl"
Our good friend David has released another great album. The fruit of an entire career creating his own suggestive universe.

Hellogoodbye - "Ukelele recordings" EP
Followinf the steps of Rosie Thomas or Damien Rice... Three delicious songs.

Mister Furia's choices:

Calle 13 - Los de atrás vienen conmigo
Probably the best live band of the whole latin alternative scene. Very imaginative production on this album.

TV on the Radio - Dear Science
Great album to get lost in. Fantastic songwriting and vocal arrangements. Something for Bowie and Beck lovers, who also have one or two Sonic Youth albums in their collection.

Dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip - "Angles"
A revelation, one of those great album that sound familiar and new at the same time.

Mexican Institute of Sound - Piñata
Its charming imperfection is simply unresistable.

The Aggrolites - Reggae Hit L.A
This album is actually from 2007, but I've discovered it this year. The best old school reggae band you can see live these days.

Top 10 Releases of '08

Compiled by Derek Beres- EarthRise Soundsystem, Author, DJ, Yoga Master.

Rootz Underground—Movement (Mystic Urchin)

Q-Tip—The Renaissance (Motown)

Seun Kuti & Fela's Egypt 80—Seun Kuti & Fela's Egypt 80 (Disorient)

Al Green—Lay It Down (Blue Note)

Damon Aaron—Highlands (Ubiquity)

Les Primitifs du Futur—Tribal Musette (Sunny Side)

Bombay Dub Orchestra—3 Cities (Six Degrees)

El Hadj N’Diaye—Geej (Marabi France)

Seckou Keita—The Silimbo Passage (World Adventures)

Erykah Badu—New Amerykah, Pt. 1: 4th World War (Motown)

Top Twelve Records You Might Have Missed This Year (2008)

Señor Oz (Afrolicious, SF)

Ocote Soul Sounds - The Alchemist Manifesto (ESL Music)
Someone called this "mescalin music" , I don't know about that , but this collaboration between Adrian Quesada (Brownout) and Martin Perna (Antibalas) shifts takes elements of Afrobeat, Latin, downtempo and dub and turns it into pure gold!

Dunkelbunt - Cinnamon Girl (Chat Chapeau)
Balkan music influenced many electronic styles the last couple of years , but I hadn't heard anyone combine swing jazz, gypsy lines, dub and dancehall with deep beats until Dunkelbunt showed up in the record bin. Check the White Chocolate remix! Also check the Dunkelbunt spice mix!

Nappy G - Global Party System (Bagpack)
The veteran stickman comes correct, showing the world you can dance and be funky and still think about the world and how to Fight the Power! Check out the wicked remixes from Red Astaire, DJ Smash, Pleasuremaker and Kid Gusto!

Jeff Stott - Sono (Nickodemus remix) (Six Degrees Records)
Ouds and beats and East and West collide!

Curumin - Japanpopshow (Quannum)
Finally someone realizes you can have your classic Brazilian funk and your Baile funk all on the same record! A song for every mood, scenario and generation on this one!

Fania Remixed - I Like it Like That - (Fania)
This album got lots of spins at the Afrolicious party, very hard to name a favorite, but the Louie Vega remix of his uncle Hector Lavoe is pure magic and does everything a remix is supposed to do; bring modern production to a classic sound and make it relevant to a whole new generation of listeners and dancers.

Tony Allen - Lagos Shake (Honest Jons)
This remix project , which is a collection of 12" that were previously released separately, has a diverse line-up of artists re-fashioning the Afro-beat maestro's newer material. I loved this record because there is a style for everyone's taste. For the soul-jazz minded dig the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble's version of Sankofa.

Midnight Lab Band - Run Riot 12" (NYCTrust)
Beautiful 45rpm 12" pressing of an epic mid-tempo Latin Disco burner. You can't even buy this on mp3, get out your Technics!

Lightning Head - Afrobeat EP Lion Head Recordings
Remember Bigga Bush, well he went all Afro-beat for his Lightning Head alias and I hope he keeps bringing this heat! Also check out the Lightning Head album "Studio Don". Wicked!

Tal M. Klein - Rubs n Remixes Aniligital Music
Another one that came out all on vinyl (thanks Tal!). You still should cop the vinyl for the Snugs remix of Plastic Starfish!

Pimps of Joytime - Funk Fixes and Remixes (Wonderwheel Recordings)
Our East Coast cousins destroy all live venues they play, do not miss them if they come anywhere close to your town! If you like your funk with more thump cop this album!

TM Juke And The Jack Baker Trio - Boto & The Second Liners (Tru Thoughts)
When I first heard the New Orleans inspired cover of the classic dancehall anthem Heads High on this record I was dancing to dj Jeremy Sole at the Funk Sole party in LA and I completely lost it! What's in the water in Brighton?

Funky Nassau: The Compass Point Story (Strut)
I'm an '80's hater! I hate Reagan, cocaine, Ray-Bans, Miami Vice, and I hate the current '80's revival even more (stop wearing neon, you will regret it!) But lately I've been trying to find the gems that are timeless and genre-bending. Strut records (thanks K7 for bringing them back) has pretty much done the job for me with this compilation of tracks recorded at Chris Blackwell's Compass Point studio in the Bahamas. Every track is a standout, all feature Sly and Robbie on drums and bass, there are a few tracks you know (Tom Tom Club) but the ones you don't (Guy Cuevas) are just as fresh!


compiled by Fabian Alsultany / GlobeSonic Sound System

Big Blue Ball - Big Blue Ball (Real World)
Cheb i Sabbah - Devotion (Six Degrees Records)
Fania Remixed - I Like It Like That (Fania Records)
Krishna Das - Heart Full Of Soul (Nutone Records)
Jamshied Sharifi - One (Ceres Records)
John Brown's Body - Amplify (Eazy Star Records)
Manu Chao - La Radiolina (Nacional Records)
MJ Green Mountain - MJ Green Mountain (mjmuzic)
Morley – Seen (Polydor France)
Ours - Mercy (American Records)

Top-13 High Vibe Days in NYC when nothing mattered except for what was happening in that moment – you just had to be there!
compiled by Fabian Alsultany / GlobeSonic Sound System

the contagious optimism of Election Day
the divine comedy from Reality Sandwich’s 2nd Annual Ayhuasca Monologues
the ecstasy of over 1000-strong at GlobeSonic's July Summer on the Husdson
the explosively beyond expectation debut of Seun Kuti @ SummerStage
the illumination at Parashakti’s Dance of Liberation @ COSM
the magic and mystery at the 1st Evolver Party @ Jivamukti
the reinvention of Enter The Dragon by Karsh Kale @ Celebrate Brooklyn
the revelation and rhetoric of the Marley Brothers @ 3am at Amazura
the soaring voice of Salief Keita through the park @ Celebrate Brooklyn
the unexpectedly awesome NYC debut of MC Yogi @ Jivamukti
the unfolding orgy at Voodoo Culture Clash’s Halloween @ South Street
the unity community at the Sulha Benefit Concert for Peace
the urgency and big business at the United Nation’s World Water Conference.

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