Monday, December 8, 2008

Bionic Love Soundsystem

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Bionic Love Soundsystem is the brain child of Adrian Blackhurst, a producer, DJ, multi-instrumentalist and founding member of Vancouver's Beats Without Borders. I like the way Adrian has applied the "low end" aesthetics of dub and dub step with various other electronica genres to sounds from around the world. EthnosonicSubfunk Theories has an admirable use of "space" in the music as well, allowing the many global influences to breathe nicely along with the electronics. It's a pretty intriguing and unique approach to global fusion, well worth checking out for more adventurous global explorers.


Adrian Blackhurst is a producer, multi-instrumentalist & DJ who has played in several amazing bands over the years and is currently focusing on solo productions, DJ'ing, remixes, & a few collaborations. He plays bass & electric guitar, laptop (the new almighty instrument), & the melodica. With his Bionic Love Soundsystem project he is working with players of sitar, tabla, bansuri, shakuhachi, violin, congas & other instruments that are passionately woven into electronic dance music to create something new. He creates & spins many various types of music such as Dub, Global Beatz, Downtempo, Nu Skool Breaks, Dancehall, Glitch-IDM, Ambient, etc... In November 2005 he released his first solo full length, "The Infinite Technique", a diverse album exploring elements of these genres & the fusion thereof. His 2nd full-length album, "EthnoSonicSUBfunk Theories" was released July 2008, and is available via & iTunes. It explores dubstep, dancehall, dub, & breakbeats with instruments from India, Iraq, Korea, & Japan. (see MySpace or New Music Canada websites below to hear his tunes).

Adrian is also co-founder of Beats Without Borders, a collective of four musicians & djs that have been organizing large global fusion monthly events since 2004 in Vancouver, Canada.

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