Tuesday, December 2, 2008

End of Year Listmania Part 2

In which we continue our parade of "Best of 2008" lists compiled by a variety of world-wide sources.

2008 Top 10 Future Brazilian Classic Albums (In no particular order):
Compiled by Béco Dranoff- Producer, A&R Genius and all around Brazil-o-phile

PAULA MORELENBAUM: Telecoteco (Mirante)

LUA: Lua (Olôko)

JAM DA SILVA: Dia Santo (304 Estúdio)

CURUMIN: Japan Pop Show (YB Music)

FREVO DO MUNDO: Compilation (Candeeiro Records)

TAMY: Tamy (Indep)

3 NA MASSA: 3 Na Massa (Nublu)

ZUCO 103: After The Carnaval (Six Degrees)

DJ DOLORES: Um Real (Ziriguiboom / Crammed)

MESTRES DA GUITARRADA: Música Magenta (Candeeiro Records)

Five Favorite Graveyards and Graves of 2008
Compiled by Stephen Coates aka the Real Tuesday Weld

Pere la Chaise (Oscar Wilde) Paris, France
Montparnasse (Serge Gainsbourg) Paris, France
Highgate (Karl Marx) London, England
Bunhill Fields (William Blake) London, England

Five Favorites of 2008

Compiled by Silvana Kane- Vocalist with Pacifika

1.the Laguna Seca Moto GP... what an amazing race.
2.soundchecking at the Hollywood Bowl... it was magical magical magical.
3.driving down to California with the band and watching the fire lit skies.
4.eating brunch and reading a book at the Medina Cafe in Vancouver.
5.waking up every day.

List of Favourite Weirdness 2008
Compiled by Nick Page aka Dubulah aka Dub Colossus

1/ Ethiopiques and Dub Colossus concerts at Barbican, June26th 2008
and Addis Ababa festival May 2008.

2/ Best TV: Anything with Dylan Moran, and Father Ted on permanantely.

3/ Meeting phenomenal Greek singer and anti-diva Savina Yannatou in Athens to discuss the Greek album we are making with Jimi Papazanteas

4/ Favourite Film: “Lay Down Your Hearts”- about Hukwe and Charles Zawose and the Zawose family..a film by John Simpson

5/ Best Guitar Moment 2008: Getting to record Skip (“Little Axe”) Macdonald at Real World Studios for Dub Colossus album...

6/ Best Album Recording: Doing album with Syriana (Abdullah Chhadeh and Bernard O`Neill)

7/ Best Dubulah session for an album: Recording baritone and sitar guitar for Anjali Bhatia new album.

8/ Obama wins US election! Reasons to be cheerfull..1,2,3!

9/ Best Jazz album 2008 : National Jazz Orchestra of Spain (feat Natalia Farran, Jerry Gonzales and Randy Brecker)- Awesome!

10/ Best Gigs Seen: Justin Adams and Juldah Camera at chilli fried, Darbucka Club,
Shlomo Beat Box vocal Orchestra at QEH…
Arve Henriksen at London Jazz Festival,
Dr John at the Dome

Top 10 of the year (in no particular order)
Compiled by David Starfire

Bhattacharya, Debashis- Calcutta Chronicles: Indian Slide Guitar- I’ve been getting into Indian Slide guitar these days and this CD has some nice elements to it and is recorded very well. Some parts sound like a blues guy playing a sitar and is very interesting. It probably sounds like how I would sound if I played a sitar. HA!

Santogold-Santogold- She had such a buzz in the underground scene and internet and I only heard a couple of songs at first. I wasn’t sure if the whole CD was going to be consistent, but every song on it is a hit. This is my favorite indie/pop type of album of the year and I'm sure it will be on many charts. The whole CD is solid and two of my favorite tracks are Say Aha, and Creator, which was co-produced by FreQ Nasty.

FreQ Nasty-Fabriclive 43- This just came out and it’s a slammer with tons of hard beats and killer tunes. Lots of dubstep, Baltimore and other crazy beats on here and I'm just lovin it! This is a great mix of what is going on in the underground dance scene in the UK, Baltimore and West Coast.

Cheb I Sabbah-Devotion- His Devotion CD is my favorite chill CD of the year and great to put it on at a dinner party. He has really made a beautiful CD- I'm really digging it!

Goonda-Third World Radio- The NYC crew really did a great job on this CD. They really know what they're doing on the East Coast. The double CD also has great remixes from Radiohiro and Dhruva and killer packaging.

Dehli 2 Dublin-Dehli 2 Dublin-This Vancouver Band is awesome live and has great songs and a sound that is totally unique. I really appreciate what they are doing. I like the song Apples and I love Celtic Dub so much I remixed it for their new Remix project!

Eat Static-Back to Earth- I always loved these guys and Jef Stott played Pharaoh at the Beloved fest and I was stunned by that track. I didn’t even know that they had a new CD out and all the tunes are great. I hope others check it out- it’s very deep.

Jef Stott- Saracen- This CD is a great mix of world music and electronica and he blended them together very well. I especially like the track Faqir, and liked it so much that I remixed it!

Tipper-Wobble Factor- He has the most cutting edge production and bass for days. Snot Rocket is my favorite track. He is a true innovator and his sound has really influenced many producers today. This is available on www.addictech.com

Lynx-Grain of Sand- This upcoming artist from Boulder played some of the festivals that I performed at this year and she is amazing. She performs with Jamie Janover (on Hammer Dulcimer) and loops guitar parts for a live, hi energy show. She has a great voice and a personality that is special. This CD is available on CD baby and iTunes to check out.

There is soooo much music out there and so little time and I always appreciate my friends and DJ’s that recommend music to me. I think this year had some great music and definitely looking forward to next year!