Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Filastine: Fitnah (feat. Jessika Skeletalia Kenney)

Free Download - Filistine - Fitnah (feat. Jessika Skeletalia Kenney)

Today we travel a bit into the "Global Edge" with a track from the excellent second album from Seattle born and Barcelona based Filastine. Like his sometime label mate and collaborator, DJ Rupture, Grey Filastine's music is informed by his frequent travels to many corners of the world that you and I can't even pronounce, let alone think of visiting. His music is steeped in everything from dubstep to breakcore to Arabic folk music and he has no trouble mashing together sounds both beautiful and disturbing, making Dirty Bomb a diverse and disorienting listening experience. Be sure to check out his fascinating blog Filastine Frequency in which he chronicles his travels as well as the sources and collaborators that went into the creation of this fascinating release. This is global fusion music of the most adventurous sort and the kind of record that keeps your ears on their toes (does that make sense?)

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