Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Midival Punditz: Drifting

Midival Punditz: Drifting

Free Download - Midival Punditz: Drifting (from the upcoming release Hello Hello)

I always tell folks that one of the best ways we learn about new talent is from our very own artists. Karsh Kale had been raving about this great duo from New Delhi called the Midival Punditz for many months before we finally got some music that more than confirmed his enthusiasm. In many ways, the Punditz are the ultimate poster band for the concept that originally inspired Six Degrees Records. They grew up steeped in the traditional music of their culture as much as they loved electronic music, the Chemical Brothers and club culture. I believe that their sound is one of the most seamlessly organic fusions (there's that dirty word again) of old and new that I have ever heard. Tapan Raj and Gaurav Raina were both relatively young men when we first signed them back in 2002 and I have watched with a great deal of pride as the precocious production skills they evidenced on their first album have grown and blossomed over time. Their new album Hello Hello finds the duo (along with Kale who has remained their steadfast friend and collaborator over the years) expanding their style even more overtly into the realms of electronica and continuing to break down genre walls. I think it is a thrilling record that more than fulfills the promise we heard when we first signed them.

Today's free track "Drifting" is a soaring slice of cinematic Indo-electronica but rest assured there are a diverse range of styles and pleasures that await in the grooves of Hello Hello, many of which will surprise old fans and seduce new listeners.


Outlaw Dervish said...

Yes, I really enjoyed this track , as wel as hearing Cheb i Sabbah spin , I believe this tune, last week at BollyHood - it's drenched in the greatest elements of electronica and also bears some indescribable flavors of innovation... Great Music, Hey!

Jah Mike said...

I have been a fan of the Punditz since my fist exposure to their debut album a few years ago. It has been a pleasure Watching/Listening to them over the years. They have really grown musically from their underground dance music roots, to a group that represents some of the best electronic music production coming out of India.
Much Respect to Gaurav & Tapan.

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