Monday, May 11, 2009

PS Mueller

PS Mueller is possibly the funniest guy I know (and that's saying something, as I know some REALLY funny guys). Pete and I met when we were both DJ/Announcers at WIBA FM in Madison Wisconsin. I knew we were going to be life long friends when he came in one night towards the end of my on air shift complaining that I was playing "Baby's on Fire" by Brian Eno because HE was planning on playing it on his shift. For a few years in Madison, Pete and I had a collaborative music project going under the catchy moniker, Pete n' Bob and we even scored a dance performance together. In recent years, Mueller has found a new career voicing the character of Doyle Redland (as well as many others) on the Onion Radio News. The man has many talents but the true, un distilled evidence of his twisted genius can be found in his cartoons- which can be seen in newspapers and magazines around the country, as well as in his many fine book collections.

More info and lots of other cartoons can be found at

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