Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Revolution Rising

Free Download - Genetic Drugs - Hannena feat. Mohamed Mounir -Hartsteine Island remix by Transglobal Underground from the compilation Revolution Rising vol. 1 presented by dimmSummer

Head over to and grab the limited edition cd along with a free copy of the goonda double disc + remixes (offer valid until the digital release of RR, which is fast approaching!)

Our friend Sank (aka dimm) at sent over this great track from the compilation and a short note on how the cd came about:

"I made this compilation for two reasons:
1) it was way over due (the site being online for 8 years).

2)I had to supply a remedy to Meta4's comment during his 2001 interview with me: "...a lot of these compilations are not put out by people who are die hard fans, connected at the grassroots. There are just people who put out a ska compilation and then turn around and put out an 80s compilation, and the sources they go to find about what to put on are the other compilations in the store..."

he goes on to talk about how no one knows what a hit will be - and that "the correlation between quality and success is very tenuous in the music business. Arguably the more quality you can objectively say is in the music the LESS likely it is to do well in the market..."

i've received mostly favourable reviews on the cd, but who knows - all i'm banking on is my taste and relationship with the artists. the physical limits of a cd meant i couldn't get everyone i wanted on board in one go, but the next volume is most likely digital-only so sky's the limit ;)

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