Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Evan Bluetech - Free Call Of The Wild EP

Free Download - Evan Bluetech - Call Of The Wild EP

I recently had the pleasure to meet one of my favorite electronica artists Evan Bartholomew aka Bluetech in his last swing through San Francisco. Evan has been putting out a variety of gorgeous releases of many different styles under a variety of names (Evan Mark, Evan Bartholomew & Bluetech). Although the approach on the records may vary, what remains constant is Evan's impeccable production skills as well as his singular approach to sound and arrangement. He has recently posted a free EP on his site at which is well worth you checking out. He describes his motivation for this release by saying

"In my increasing frustration with the broken mechanics of the music industry, I've been constantly thinking about why I actually make music. Since I'm barely able to survive doing this, and no matter what I do people will pirate my releases within a few hours of release, I've thought about what I would do instead. I keep feeling this tug from the natural world to bring myself into alignment with a more organic approach to life, to finding myself in a flow of clear water."

Do your self a favor and after you get the freebie, move on to further explore the many gems in this fascinating composer's catalog.

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