Monday, June 29, 2009

Céu - Free Download - 'Bubuia' from Vagarosa

Free Download - Céu- Bubuia (from Vagarosa - July 7th release date)

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Second albums are notoriously challenging affairs. Especially in the case of someone like Céu, whose debut was both commercially and critically successful. Expectations regarding a sequel are inevitable, as are pressures on the artist to come up with a suitable follow up affair. When we first starting receiving music from Céu's Vagarosa sessions, it was as if none of these issues existed at all. As the world can now hear, Céu and her able collaborators Beto Villares, Gustavo Lenza and Gui Amabis have crafted a sophomore release that builds on all of the promise of its predecessor and travels confidently into new sonic realms. To my ears, Vagarosa is the work of an artist who transcends the boundaries of categories like "world" or "Brazilian" and who is now simply "world class". I truly believe that if Portuguese was not the dominant language on Vagarosa, we would be comparing it to works by artists like Bjork & Tom Waits, without any pre-conceived "global music" prejudices.

Enjoy this free taster from an album which is sure to become one of the essential soundtracks to the summer of '09.


Brad said...

Excellent music! Lovely smooth voice

SdC said...

Her voice ad balancao are the perfect companions for this hot French summer

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