Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Free Indian Music Sampler featuring Lal Meri & many more

Free Download - Six Degrees Indian Music Sampler from Amazon
Free 8 song sampler featuring Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Gaudi, Cheb i Sabbah, Lal Meri and more.

Today we are also excited to share with you some "behind the scenes" footage of the band Lal Meri rehearsing with the young Indian vocalist, (and cousin of band member Ireesh Lal) Pooja Lal. Pooja lends her haunting voice to the traditional Sufi song "Lal Meri". The clip also features some killer tabla playing from Alien Chatter's Satnam Ramgotra.

Be on the look out for remixes of this beautiful song coming soon.


adrcc2 said...

Hi there. Any idea how we can get hold of the free music sampler from outside the US? Amazon MP3 is a US only service, remember?

hinduf said...

Yes, thanks a lot for turning your back from your devoted fans outside the US who bought more than half your collection... Anyways, that mandatory "download software" from Amazon is bullshit...

Global Noize said...

Wow Hinduf- I'm not sure if that hostile attitude is called for here. There is no intention on "turning our backs" on anyone. Here at Six Degrees we have done MANY free promotions outside the US - this particular sampler happens to be US only- only because Amazon.com's International store's have a "no free give away" policy.

hinduf said...

Apologies, I did not mean to be so rude, but I am sick of these 'outside US' thing... just lost my last.fm free streaming radio for not being in the US. Internet is worldwide isnt it? Server costs? What is about this discrimination? Anyways, keep your good work at 6 degrees with the best selection of current artists out there.
A music lover

hinduf said...

and thanks for the video, it's really nice. The signer is really excellent :)

Global Noize said...

Glad you like the video. All is cool- just wanted to let you know that we are always trying to get our tunes to music lovers like you from all over the world and sometimes there are going to be promotions that not everyone can access- next time, it may be something not available in the US.

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Catherine said...

Ah, that explains why my own (Canadian) attempts at getting this utterly-gorgeous music failed. Amazon only works in the US... ! :(
Alas, quelle shame.

Thx for the heads-up, GN. These are some beautiful sounds.

ps I'll be interviewing Vieux up here next month! Keep up your great coverage!