Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alice Russell's blog: Jazz Cafe Free Downloads, Maida Vale Sessions with Giles Peterson

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Mr Giles Peterson asked us to come and record a lil live session in Maida Vale on Thursday last week for his radio show. We did a session for Giles a few years back when TM Juke and I released my fav letters and had mucho fun.
The Maida Vale studios are indeed a joy to record in, the sound is amazing. Also, while we are recording we can all see each others silly faces as we play in our own lil booths! Nice niceee! Oh what I would give to have that place for a whole day, week, month!!!? Oh and an orchestra to boot!! Ahh I can dream eh?
Jazz Cafe Live Recordings

Alice Russell's sold out shows at The Jazz Cafe in London on 6th & 7th May were recorded and 9 songs have been selected for release. To give you a taster, Alice is giving away 2 of the tracks for FREE!!!

Click here to get your free downloads. The tracks are only available for 10 days so there's no time to lose. All 9 tracks are available to purchase in Alice's shop, click here

Website Updates
Check out Which Remix? to rate more remixes of Alice tracks and check the shop to pre-order the very limited, signed, double LP version of Pot Of Gold on import only!!

Click here to view photos from Alice's recent tour of America.

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