Monday, June 8, 2009

Desert Dwellers: Moonlit Horizons (Courtesy of White Swan Records)

Free Download: Desert Dwellers: Moonlit Horizons (Courtesy of White Swan Records)

Rara Avis, Amani Friend, Treavor Moontribe and Craig Kohland have been making music in various combinations under the name Desert Dwellers for some time now. Whether the tracks are trancey dance floor killers or beautiful ambient pieces, you can be sure that anything released under the Desert Dwellers name is going to be well worth checking out. These talented producers (together and separately) all have a wonderful feel for combining world music, electronics and a heightened sense of "ambience" that is always lush and beautiful without succumbing to the pitfalls of much of the overly, pretty and uninteresting stuff that falls under the banner of "Yoga Grooves" or "New Age". It's often a fine balance between atmospheric world electronica and mushy wallpaper music and these guys always hit that elusive "sweet spot" that makes it work for me.

The collective's newest release, DownTemple Dub: Roots could be their best yet. Drawing from influences from East Asia to the Mediterranean, this hypnotic music actually earns the label's description of "sensual psy-chill soundscapes".

Thanks to our buddy Joel Davis over at White Swan Records for allowing us to share this track with you today.

For further listening, check out all of the other Desert Dwellers releases on White Swan as well as Rara Avis' great Shaktified EP on Six Degrees Records.

And here is the rest of it.

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