Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nickodemus - Sun People

Free Download - Nickodemus - Sun Children

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NY based dj and producer Nickodemus returns with his second full-length album Sun People on ESL Music.
When he djs Nickodemus plays cuts from all around the globe and finds a common thread to them; he takes a similar approach on this record, which features Balkan, Jamaican, Afro and Latin rhythms with Nickodemus' signature mid-tempo dance beats and guest musicians including The Candela All-Stars, Quantic, The New York Gypsy All-Stars and many others.
The amazing thing about Nickodemus as a producer is the ease in which he combines so many styles, tempos, and moods with ease. There are moments on this record perfect for sweating in a club (Just Move), chillin' at the Hookah Bar (2 Sips and Magic) and even some deep introspective ish (weRiseweFallweRise). It is all natural for Nickodemus, and if you have followed his musical career it is easy to see why: he has always believed that good music and good times are not dictated by any one style, genre or hemisphere. His weekly summertime party Turntables on The Hudson and his own label Wonderwheel have proven that diversity is the spice of life, and now he has re-affirmed it with Sun People!

Here's an older Nickodemus video/cut that still moves bodies in the club.

guest post Señor Oz

And here is the rest of it.

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