Wednesday, November 18, 2009

EarthRise SoundSystem: 'The Yoga Sessions'

EarthRise SoundSystem - Daylight As Sunset [feat Lucy Woodward]

Don't let the fact that Derek Beres & David "Duke Mushroom" Schommer have called their debut album, "the Yoga Sessions" fool you. This beautiful mix of dubby global textures and soulful pop influences may very well be the perfect soundtrack for your Yoga practice (I wouldn't pretend to know)- but this project certainly transcends any one usage. Beres does teach yoga in NY- but equally relevant is the fact that he has consistently been the most intelligent writer to cover the "global fusion" scene through his excellent book 'Global Beat Fusion' and his articles in a variety of magazines and on line publications. He's also a great DJ as a member of the Globesonic crew. Schommer helmed the excellent Ethiopian flavored Bole 2 Harlem project a few years back and has played on over 50 records. Together these guys have crafted a lovely album which is filled with atmosphere and nuance but is also not afraid to be tuneful and soulful.

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