Monday, November 9, 2009

Ocote Soul Sounds - more Coconut Rock

FREE DOWNLOAD - Ocote Soul Sounds - The Revolt of The Cockroach People

Six Degrees Records' own Brownout recently wrapped up West and East coast tours in support of the 'Aguilas and Cobras' record, which gave lead guitarist/composer Adrian Quesada enough time to go home to Austin to pack his bags and hit the road with one of his other projects, Ocote Soul Sounds. Ocote just finished opening up for Thievery Corporation for a number of dates including Halloween in NYC! Ocote is a collaboration between Adrian and Martìn Perna (of Antibalas) which has a downtempo electronic psychedelic Latin vibe; sounding like DJ Shadow on a mescaline trip through a Tex-Mex border town. Not to make it sound like drug induced lounge music, Ocote is much deeper than that, most of the music reflects the respect toward their shared Latino musical traditions and the mutations those traditions make in the face of technology, advancement, and an ever-changing sonic and cultural landscape.
ESL Music will be putting out a digital deluxe edition of Ocote's most recent album 'Coconut Rock', including remixes by Ancient Astronaughts, DJ OBaH and more on December 8th.


pleasuremaker said...

Yes yes yes!!! Ocote Soul Sounds, Adrian Quesada, Brownout, Antibalas, Martin Perna, amazing family of music and soul :-)
Nice work 6 Degrees

I-Storm said...

Sounds groovy -- nice, clean production ;-)