Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Afro-Noize Part 1 - ObaFunke

Free Download - ObaFunke - "Obachant" Buy Album

Somewhere around the year 2000, one of our favorite producer/DJ's, King Britt released a beautiful slice of Afro-funk-house under the guise of the mysterious Obafunke. For some reason this sweet record "slipped through the cracks" and never got the full recognition I think it deserved. All that has changed now as King has re-released the album CosmoAfrique (including a killer new bonus remix) on his ambitious new FiveSixMedia on-line store. The Afro-house thing can get a bit "cheesy" in the wrong hands but rest assured that this project hits all of the right notes. As far as I'm concerned, King is the best kind of DJ/Producer- one who has impeccable and incredibly diverse taste coupled with production chops that have as much respect for our ears as they do for the needs of the dance-floor. If you missed this project the first time, here's your chance to make good.


Anonymous said...

wow! King Britt never ceases to amaze me. This should be on Six Degrees.

stephanie said...

classic language chops put it out