Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tom Middleton: Excursions EP

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Tom Middleton is not only one of the most talented and unique artists working within the electronica genre, he is one of the nicest as well. I first met Tom many years ago when I was putting together a project called the Deseo Remixes in which various producers remixed a Brazilian themed solo record by Yes vocalist,Jon Anderson. I had already secured commitments for mixes from Future Sound of London, Deep Forrest and Trans Global Underground and was looking to round out the record with an "up and comer" on the scene. When I asked for recommendations from various people whose taste I trusted, I kept hearing about a young duo called Global Communication who were starting to make lots of noise on the scene with their own tracks and a series of gorgeous remixes for other artists.

If you are an electronica fan and you are not familiar with Global Communication's record, 76"14 stop reading this and immediately do whatever is necessary to secure a copy... I'll wait. After you get that record, proceed on to tracking down the group's remix compilation, Remotion and find out what a true art form the electronic remix can really be in the right hands.

To make a very long story as short as possible, Tom and his partner in Global Communication, Mark Pritchard turned in two of the most beautiful mixes I have ever heard for the Deseo Remixes and I became a fan for life. I subsequently got to meet the guys when they came over for one of their first tours of the States and I have watched with great interest as both producers' careers have flourished in various guises (Jedi Knights,The Modwheel, Harmonic 313 etc.).

It was a great pleasure to re-connect with Tom to release his first solo record under his own name, Lifetracks and I am equally happy that we have now just released his beautiful Excursions EP.

And here is the rest of it.

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