Friday, February 20, 2009

Afro-Noize Part 3- Chief Boima

Free Download - Techno Rumba - Chief Boima

Bay Area based dj and producer Chief Boima is working many fronts in his assault on future global sounds, specifically the African diasporic ones. His dj sets connect the dots of classic and contemporary African urban music from highlife and rumba to hip-hop, dubstep and house. His monthly residency at Little Baobab in San Francisco packs dancers from all over the world into a dancefloor the size of your living room to hear his beats.

Boima writes and posts regularly at Ghettbassquake and on his personal web-site where he muses about the differences between Afro-House and Afrocan House and new rhythmic discoveries. His own expierience and beliefs in music making, playing and listening in a world with ever changing and dissolving boandaries socially, economically and sonically also are covered in detail rich posts with many mixes to download and critically amusing references to check.

In all his output the consistent factor with Chief Boima is his quality taste which is soulful and real. Chief Boima was kind enough to share his track Techno-Rumba, which he describes as "Franco in Detroit". Enjoy and be sure to look out for more original Boima tracks as well as his remix for Issa Bagayogo on Six Degrees soon.

Chief Boima Website
Chief Boima Myspace

Guest post by Señor Oz


Elouise Road Warrior said...

Just met your friend Pierce Stacy of IODA on Saturday at the CA Lawyers for the Arts - Music Business Workshop. He spoke very highly of you and suggested that I check you out online. I am a Bay Area artists too and recently performed with Issa Bagayogo in Canada in August at a music festival, We jammed on stage for over 90 minutes - three bands, 2 from africa and 1 from the USA - as we overlapped our songs and backed each other. It was great. Can't wait to hear more of your music and look forward to meeting you.

Elouise Burrell

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