Monday, April 27, 2009

Invisible System: Hode Baba

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In the spirit of believing that you can never really get enough Ethiopian Dub, today we are featuring a track from a new project called Invisible System. While Nick Page's Dub Colossus record has justifiably been receiving much acclaim, Dan Harper (the man behind Invisible System) was actually recording his fusion of Ethiopian Dub/Dance & Electronica before Real World's A Town Called Addis. In fact, Harper was instrumental in helping Page connect with the many wonderful Ethiopian musicians that he collaborated with on Dub Colossus as well as co-writing and engineering parts of that project.

Harper's Ethiopian roots run deep. He spent eight years in the country doing aid work and encountering all of the frustrations that come with the red tape involved with such ventures. He has set up a mobile recording facility called Worm Hole Studios where he has developed a philosophy of allowing the local talent to improvise and to be as creative as possible. This is very much a project that reflects the diverse talent of the region and doesn't want to trivialize it by turning it into little exotic samples. Invisible System lets Ethiopia's talent shine bright and once again points out how much incredible music continues to flow from this part of the world.

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Anonymous said...

You should hear the whole album - it is BLINDING and covers many styles not just this.. I got it delivered to the states via

Raj said...

best i have heard in a long time - a lot of realism and soul gone into that cd

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