Monday, April 20, 2009

"Updates from Alice Russell"

Hello there!

It's been a crazy couple of months touring around with my band of merry men; Oz, Nz then some French shows. Wine n cheese access enjoyed by all! I think the band should start an 'Eats n Treats' journal for each place we visit - we have had so many culinary delights. Yum!..."If music be the food of love, play on"...hmmm so maybe if food be the music of love ...anyway, where was I? Ahhh shows!

Back in the USA

So off we went to the U.S for the whole of March, sadly leaving Jack, Ben and Dan behind. But TM Juke, Mikee and me hooked up with the Park Boys from San Francisco to make up our Anglo-American band, kicking off with the crew in Washington DC, Bohemian Caverns, then going all over, stopping off for a week at SXSW and ending the tour in Portland. Thank you to all who came out and gave us the love!! There were so many places where it was our first time playing there and I really didn't know if we would have any friends. But out you came and gave us the energy to give it right back at ya!!! We played in some amazing venues! Not forgetting hooking up with Nat Geo TV channel after meeting them at our Washington show, to make a lil’ 6 song film in the legendary venue Antones, Austin.

Recording with David Byrne!

Alice Russell with David ByrneSo an amazing month! And to pop some icing on the cake, I got an email form David Byrne (Talking Heads) asking if I wanted to sing on a project he has been working on. He had already recorded songs with Sharon Jones, Roshine Murphy, Tori Amos to name a few, so I was very excited to be asked amongst theses lovely singing ladies and to get to work with Mr. David Byrne. So I wrote back straight away YES PLEASE!! And we hooked up for a recording session in London. It was amazing to meet a man who's music and live shows I have adored from afar! I'm a lucky lady! Read the BBC article about it here.

The Jazz Cafe - sold out...TWICE!!

After the U.S tour we arrived back to a warm welcome of two home-coming and sold out shows at the Jazz Cafe!!! You guys were amazing, as it was Monday and Tuesday early shows, but there you all were dancing n shaking it! Yeeha!!! We also had the delight of the killer horns and the lovely ladies joining us for these two shows making it twelve of us on stage! Energy was at an all time high plus we got to have a go at covering one of mine n TM Dukeey’s favourite Rick James tracks 'Give It To Me!". Need I say more??

We recorded both shows last week at The Jazz Cafe and the songs are currently being mixed, a selection of which will be available to members of my website in just 2 weeks time. If you aren't a member already there's only two weeks to sign up until the songs go live. You will be informed as soon as the tracks have been added to your lockers!!!

I'm writing this from my hotel room in Istanbul and please excuse me now as I got 30 mins before we're on stage! I best get my frock and a spot of lippy on!

Big love to you all and thank you so much for your support!!!

xxxxxxxxxxx alice

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,

I caught David Byrne's show in February of this year, the first time I've seen him play live. Fabulous show!!

Alice is so very fortunate (and I'm completely envious!) to collaborate with a person who could literally define the term 'artistic genius.'

Can't wait to hear what they have come up with!

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