Thursday, August 6, 2009

Alice blogs from France

We just got some exciting updates from Alice Russell during her summer tour across France, you can read more on her website!

Hello there,

Montreaux Jazz Festival

Well recently got back from a lil leg of gigs....we started off at the Montreux Jazz festival, rammed to the rafters the crowd were so up for it, the energy could have been sliced into pieces of electric cake, check the pictures here!
After the gig I was bursting to catch Earth Wind & Fire, so grabbed a beer and ran for it. Sweet Be-Jesus, those guys hit them high notes and the drummer never stopped!!!
But the icing on the most tasty of cakes was spying Mr Quincy Jones!!! So there I was with Mikee by my side, a bit bedraggled, definitely sweaty, still in my stage-wear, two CD's of Pot Of Gold in hand and my eyes fixed on my hero, waiting my turn to go to and hand over my humble offering! We had a warm hand shake and exchanged some cockney rhyming-slang so another great hero meeting tick! Al Green last month this month Quincy, maybe Prince for August?? He was in my dream last night, does that count?

France and Joss Stone

So onwards to France where we were supporting Joss Stone! To say the boys in the band were pleased is a small understatement! We got to see her show and hang out her and her band afterwards (check the pics here). They where all lovely peeps and there happened to be a big fridge with a seemingly unending supply of vino ‘n’ champers The drinking of which, saw us all ending up in the sea and the boys got to see lovely Joss in her pink bikini!

Then onto Warsaw and Croatia by which point sleep was in high demand, but, no time! Once again the crowd where so lovely and full of energy that 2 hours sleep felt like 12 and we got cracking!! So big love was had and it was an ace ending to a hectic but rather amazing lil week!
Big love and a massive thank you to all who made these shows so great to play!! You keep us going!!!! So thank you thank you thank you!

The Big Chill

So, I’m writing this as the band and I munch our lunch, in the middle of rehearsing the delights we have planned for this weekend’s Big Chill set. I’m getting excited now and hoping the sun will shine upon us! So, this is a call out to all of you that are coming to get down and get involved in some audience participation! Also, to come to the Scruff tea tent on Sat afternoon, as we have had some rather fetching head sweat- bands made up which we’re giving away! And, at some point in the set I will be calling upon all of you to don the sweat band and join us in the running man.... Are u game?

Also look out for our autumn tour dates! We’ve got Koko on October 1st and other dates to follow.....
Big love