Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rena Jones- Indra's Web:

Free Download - Rena Jones - "Indra's Web" (Click on divshare icon to download)
Rena Jones is one of those artists who I have been discovering bit by bit, through a series of excellent tracks on various compilations. We recently connected on Facebook, resulting in her sending me her wonderful latest release, Indra's Web. By combining the mournful sound of her cello with dubby electronics and full string arrangements featuring the New Millennium Orchestra, Rena has crafted an electronic record with a warm, organic heart. The title track which we are sharing with you today should give you a good idea of the pleasures that await you in the full release. By all means dig deeper into Indra's Web as well as into Rena's other releases, some of which feature beautiful smatterings of Indian instrumentation.


“Multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer Rena Jones is a force to be reckoned with. At age 30, she boasts more than 30 collaborative albums, 3 full length solo albums, 20 years of classical violin study, and 12 years of cello–and she is considered one of the leading women in audio engineering today.” – Strings Magazine

Her extensive background in music and sound covers a colorful spectrum from award winning video games “Dance Dance Revolution and Karaoke Revolution” and for various films as a sound editor, sound design and composition.

Rena Jones slips through the veils of defined sound, weaving cello, violin, woodwinds, rhodes, electronics and sound design through unique instrumentation. Her most recent album “Driftwood” was given the honor of the sixth most essential albums of 2006 on NPR Echoes Radio.

Jones’ live sets are a potent sonic session. She orchestrates her violin over hand crafted beats melding the organic with the electronic. Her performance is a sophisticated example of the modern movement in electronic dance and ambient music.

Multiple tours around North America and Europe have lead Rena to perform at some of the worlds most established cutting edge electronic music festivals; The Glade Festival (UK), Shambhala Music Festival (Canada) and The Secret Garden Festival (UK) as well as tour support for Plaid and opener for Ladytron.

Rena Jones has released tracks with such reputable international labels as Iboga, Spun Records, Aleph Zero and Native State Records and has just launched her own label Cartesian Binary Recordings.