Monday, August 10, 2009

Amadou and Mariam - The Magic Couple

FREE DOWNLOAD - Amadou and Mariam - 'Sarama (La Charmante)'

To say that Amadou and Mariam are breaking down borders between what is considered "world music" and what is just great music is an understatement. The Malian born couple just finished touring with Coldplay in amphitheaters across the U.S., their last album, Welcome to Bamako, was produced by Damon Alburn of Blur and Gorillaz fame and their previous record was produced by Manu Chao. Their journey has been a long time coming, first meeting at a school for the blind in Mali in the 1970's, moving to France in the 1990's to enhance their recordings and careers, producing three stellar albums that began to catch the ears of the rest of the world. The Magic Couple (Wrasse Records) is a greatest hits compilation covering the period of albums from 1997-2001; Sou Ni Tile, Tje Ni Mousso, and Wati
It is the best of three unmissable albums of Amadou & Mariam. It is worthy of even the casual listener and required if you're just getting into their sound.