Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brazil's hottest new producer: Beto Villares

As you probably know, we here at Six Degrees have a long history with being associated with great Brazilian music. From Bebel Gilberto to CeU to Sonantes to Zuco 103 to Bossacucanova -we have worked with some of the finest in the genre. Because of this, I have to be honest and say that it's easy to sometimes get jaded and feel like "we've heard it all" when it comes to music from that part of the world. It was a wonderful surprise then to discover the talents of Beto Villares.

We first became aware of Beto through his impeccable production work on CeU's to self titled debut. One listen to that album lets you know that the guy has a fresh sonic approach as well as a wonderfully unique sense of arranging. It is Beto's eponymous first solo release that is the real revelation however. It is on this album that his skills as a producer/artist and soundtrack composer all "gel" into one singularly unique musical voice. Like many of his contemporaries, Beto is fascinated by melding together the rich regional sounds of his native Brazil with electronica and hip hop. However, his ear for quirky sonic details and unusual instrumentation coupled with his song craft and his aforementioned arranging smarts, really set his music apart from the glut of "Braziltronica" that has flooded the market in the wake of the success of Bebel Gilberto's Tanto Tempo.

Check out the free download we are offering here but be aware that this barely scratches the surface of the many musical delights contained in his fascinating solo debut. Between his busy production schedule, his burgeoning career as a film composer and his work as a solo artist, Beto Villares is definitely a major talent to watch on the global music scene.

For FREE download of "Rio Da Bossa Nova" click here


Lorenz said...

Brilliant album, bought it in Brazil in 2003 (maybe '04) - originally for its cover, I admit - and it soon turned into one of my all-time favs. Beto Villares' approach captures a pretty bit of Brazil in a refreshingly unpretentious (while perfectly produced) way; fun to listen, and a lot more depth than the bulk of usual Brazilectro.

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