Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Zuco 103 - After the Carnaval

It's hard for me to believe, but we have been working with Zuco 103 since the year 2000. This amazing Amsterdam based trio are one of the pioneers of a sound that has been dubbed "Brazil-electro", mixing up everything that is good and fun about Brazilian music with dance, electronic and even rock influences. All of their releases are great and well worth you checking out- but their latest, After the Carnaval finds them in particularly fine, spontaneous and relaxed form, moving a bit away from the "sample" based sounds of prior records and into more of a warm and organic vibe. It's the kind of record that can only be made by a group that has reached a point in their career where they are confident in that elusive, effortless chemistry that only the best bands possess.

It is a beautiful thing to work with a group long enough to see them come to this point in the creative life cycle of their work. Enjoy-

album out October 7th, 2008
For FREE download of "Nunca Mais" click here

Zuco 103 video: Nunca Mais


Hinduf said...

Such a good band. I have all their cds! However, I am disapointed to have to wait 6 months to get the cd in north america... Why is that?

Considering that we buy cds to get good conscience, it's not so nice!

Nevertheless, I will still support you and get this other fantastic release.
Cheers to Zuco 103, still hoping to see you in Montreal sometimes soon!
Cheers to all at 6 degrees, the best music label.

Global Noize said...

Thanks for the kind words Hinduf.

The wait between the international version and the North American release was simply due to a very full release schedule on our part and needing to find the best time to release the record for the band and our label.

Thanks for sticking with us and supporting our label-

Bob D

Anonymous said...

Hinduf's situation is much more better than we Chinese! I'm also Zuco 103's fans; however, I have to wait for their albums more than 2 years even 3 years in Taiwan. It's really depressive... T___T