Thursday, September 18, 2008

David Starfire listening suggestions

David Starfire had a busy summer- touring both clubs and on the festival circuit. He was kind enough to take some time out to pass along some suggestions of artists that have been exciting him of late. Look for David's massive remix of Jef Stott's track "Faqir" coming out as a "Digital 12" on 10/7

David Starfire Listening Recommendations:

"I’ve been listening to some really cool music these days that I'd love you to check out as well! I’m really getting into the Vibesquad “Bass Love”. It's filled with tons of cool tracks with heavy bass and unique sounds to keep you interested throughout the whole CD. Vibesquad is this guy Aaron from Colorado who happens to be a friend of mine. We have played a few times at the same festivals and I've always really liked his music- I'm glad that he put out a full CD recently. Some of my favorite tracks are “Human Doings” and “Cloddhopper”…

I’m also listening to Tipper’s new CD called “Wobble Factor”. His production is amazing and his sounds are otherworldly. He has a certain over all vibe on the CD but he uses a variety of tempos and some live sounds to keep it interesting. If you have a chance to catch him live you will be immersed in a sonic wash of bliss! My favorite song on the CD is “Snot Rocket” (I swear that is the name of the song!) - it's a heavy bass rocker.

I’m a long time fan of Cheb I Sabbah. In fact, he is one of the reasons of why I produce South Asian influenced music. I am really digging his new CD “Devotion” and I think it’s brilliant. The songs are beautiful South Asian devotional songs augmented with his flair for modern production mixed with traditional instrumentation. The CD flows well and is great for road trips and dinner parties. I really respect him for what he has created. The song “Kinna Sohna” is one of my favorites. We performed together at the Beloved Festival along with Gaudi and Jef Stott.

Speaking of Jef Stott, his new CD “Saracen” is wonderful. I love the tracks “Faqir” (which I remixed!) and “Medina Stepper”. Jef's great live and is a fun guy to hang with.

I was blown away at the Beloved festival by all of the amazing artists including a band that Jef is producing called Eliyahu & The Qadim Ensemble. Their sound was absolutely incredible, focusing on male/female harmonies that were so beautiful as they sang songs in Arabic, Jewish-Yemenite, Indian, Iranian, Moroccan and Turkish.

Other artists at the festival that I enjoyed included Jaya Lakshmi (Kirtan music), Fanna fi Allah (traditional Sufi music) and Isis Moon (whose lead singer was absolutely awesome and asked if she could sing a few songs during my set causing everyone’s jaw to drop when she got on the mic.) She sings Santo Daime spiritual songs in Portuguese and her presence really took my set to another level. I also had Lynx on the mic, Jamie Janover, Sasha Butterfly Rose and Anahata guesting during my set- for a full live ensemble experience. It was so much fun! They are all wonderful artists in their own right and worth checking out.

Happy listening- "

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