Monday, November 24, 2008

End of Year List-mania- Part 1

The other day I was shocked to see my first "Best of 2008" list up on a blog. As mind boggling as it may be, (it certainly was to me) this crazy, topsy-turvy year is almost at an end. While it's been a challenging year in many ways, challenging times often inspire great art. I think 2008 was actually filled with some great music, films, and touring. So, in order to celebrate the outgoing year in style, I've asked a fun cross section of industry friends, artists, and producers to get creative and to list their favorites of '08. I often find recommendations from people who I respect and whose tastes I trust can turn me on to all kinds of things that I wouldn't necessarily find on my own- so maybe these will be a jumping off point for discovering some new and worthwhile things for you as well- maybe even some perfect holiday gifts.

We'll be putting these lists up in installments from now through the beginning of '09 and if you want to join in, I welcome lists from you, our readers. Just leave your suggestions in the comments section of the blog or E mail them to Happy compiling!

2008- My 10 Favorite Things from a Crazy Year

Compiled by Bob Duskis- Co-founder of Six Degrees Records

Best New Singer songwriter: Bon Iver

Best Musical Return Of Some Old Friends: David Byrne & Brian Eno- Everything that Happens Will Happen Today

Best Electronica Discovery: Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts

Best Swedish Vampire Film: Let the Right One In

Best Ethiopian Dub Electronica Record by a former member of Transglobal Underground: Dub Colossus: In a Town Called Addis

Best Epic Fantasy Novel: Tie between Toll the Hounds by Steven Erickson & Last Argument of Kings by Joe Abercrombie

Best Concert: Tie between David Byrne performs the music of David Byrne & Brian Eno @ Davies Symphony Hall & Robert Plant & Allison Krause @ the Greek Theater

Best New Television Show: Fringe

Best Family Moment: Weeping with my wife, daughter, brother & sister in law when Obama's win was officially announced

Best thing about 2008- It's almost over

Best World Music Releases of '08
Compiled by Charlie Gillett -host of BBC 2's Radio Program: Without Frontiers

1. Umalali: The Garifuna Women's Project
2. Nina de Fuego, by Buika
3. A Mad & Faithful Telling, by DeVotchKa
4. 3MA, by Sissoko, El Maloumi, Rajery
5. Ceu, by Ceu
6. Mali Koura, by Issa Bagayogo
7. 03, by Son of Dave
8. Rebel Woman, by Chiwoniso
9. Tchamantche, by Rokia Traore
10. The Edge of Heaven - soundtrack

Top 5 of '08

Compiled by Bob Blumer aka the Surreal Gourmet - Creator and Host of Glutton for Punishment as seen on the Food Network

concert: Goldfrap at the Orpheum Theater, L.A.
film: Mike Leigh's 'Happy Go Lucky'
city: Rekyjivak (now 50% off)
spirit: Eden Apple Cider Dessert Wine
life changing experience: Obama!

Top 5 British Festival Experiences

Compiled by Sheila Chandra,Vocal goddess and Real World recording artist

Prettiest site-The Big Chill… They are consistently the best at this.
Prettiest place to visit-East Neuk Festival (Scotland)…. Incredibly beautiful countryside and villages
Quaintest and most ‘English’- Wychwood….I don’t know of another festival with a ‘tea garden’ right in the middle of it, complete with posies on the tables and gingham tablecloths
Politest- Cambridge Folk Festival…. Full to bursting and yet amazingly good natured and courteous audience
Performance I most enjoyed -Jeremy Hardy (comedian) at Glastonbury Festival. He said he was only testing material out but he was brilliant, as always.

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