Friday, November 7, 2008

Kaya Project - ....And So it Goes

Free Download - Kaya Project -...And So it Goes

Seb Taylor is a very talented guy. Whether he is recording under the guises of Hibernation, Digitalis, Angel Tears or Kaya Project (in which he collaborates with Natasha Chamberlain), his music always incorporates a wide palette of tasteful electronics, exotic rhythms and sounds from around the planet. As a follow up to our Interchill label profile, we are pleased to be offering you a free track from the excellent new Kaya Project release, ...And So it Goes. Six Degrees fans may be familiar with Kaya Project from their track "Twin Soul" which we included on our Arabian Travels 2 compilation. Here's a chance to dig deeper into the musical world of one of global fusions more interesting outfits.

Artist Profile:
Kaya Project is the musical incarnation of Seb Taylor and Natasha Chamberlain. Based in the UK, the duo has achieved a world renowned name via their first two albums 'Walking Through' and 'Elixir' released on Interchill Records in 2004 and 2005 respectively. A skilled musician, Seb plays guitar and other instruments on many of the Kaya Project tracks as well as adeptly handling the programming and production. Natasha contributes vocals, keyboard and flute throughout the compositions. Over the years they have performed Kaya Project live sets at events in Japan, Canada, the US and Australia. Since the previous 2005 album release, 'Elixir', Seb has been busy working on music for television, including the award winning BBC Natural World Documentary 'Buddha, Bees & the Giant Hornet Queen', as well as composing original music for commercials and TV shows. Seb has also been concentrating on his breakbeat project 'Digitalis' with recent releases on Ministry of Sound, Sinister Recordings and Sound of Habib. His various electronic music projects have previously had BBC Radio One airplay from the likes of Annie Nightingale, John Peel, Danny Rampling, Pathaan and Brandon Block. Also due for imminent release is the long-awaited Hibernation album on Aleph Zero Records. The Hibernation project delves into more experimental electronic territory as has been heard on compilations from Interchill (Arcana, Bliminal), New Land Music (Max Chillroom) and Aleph Zero (Midnight Soul Dive).

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Michelle Tackabery said...

happy news! It's definitely been too long a wait for a new cd from Kaya.

Linus Blankette said...

The Indian flute that takes the lead in the final third of track 6 (Five Plus Eight) just devastates me every time I hear it, and it's uncredited on the CD!! I sure would like to know who is playing it.

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