Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ursula Rucker

Free Download - Ursula Rucker - Read Between the Lines (FiveSix Media)

Ursula Rucker is one cool lady. While I generally am not a big fan of spoken word recitation over music, there's something so darn "musical" and sensual about the way Rucker lays it down that I find her irresistible. That, coupled with the fact that she is always saying something thought provoking and downright "smart" makes any new release from her worth celebrating. Executive produced by Ursula with our buddy King Britt and featuring contributions from 4 Hero's Dego, Rich Medina and Tim Motzer, her new release, Ruckus (great title) is possibly the best thing she's ever done. King Britt has released the record on his own new Five Six Media imprint and has been nice enough to give us this slinky track that he produced "Read Between the Lines" to wet your appetite for the rest of the release

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Ursula Rucker Press Release

The queen of the spoken soul scene is back, after a 2 yr recording break. Continuously touring to spread the words of hope, Ursula went back into the studio to come up the opus that is The Ruckus Soundsysdom!

Working with an amazing array of producers, Dego (4Hero), Rich Medina, Tim Motzer and of course King Britt , she continued on her quest for sonic bliss. The treat this album serves is the introduction of some of brooklyn’s best female producer, something Ursula has always wanted. They include the electric Rucyl Mills, sound assassin Amatus and avant-soul duo FISHEYE.

The first single Read Between the Lines, is getting fantastic accolades and spins by music lovers worldwide! Executive Produced by King Britt and Ursula herself, the album brings together raw emotion, love and sensuality, unlike any other Ursula album.

So all aboard the Ruckus Soundsysdom! TURN IT UP !

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