Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Labels We Love: Interchill Records

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Continuing our mission to let you know about great music from around
the planet, today we focus on ambient/ electronic
label, Interchill Records,which is based between Salt Spring Island and Nelson, BC.
In a market glutted with "chill out" compilations that range from
mediocre to horrendous, I first became aware of Interchill through a
series of their early comps, all of which blind sided me with their
consistent quality and innovation. Honestly, I had become so used to
bad "Cafe del Buddha Bar" knock offs, that it took a few releases for
me to fully realize the depth and beauty of the tracks on collections
like Magnetic Blue, Northern Circuits and the two volumes of Earth
Octave Lounge. Interchill's artist releases have also proven to be
impeccably reliable in their quality. From earlier signings like
Adham Shaikh
, Kaya Project and Gaudi to the more recent additions to
the roster like Liquid Stranger , Mauxuam and Ashtech ,the
sounds may be getting a bit "crunchier" but the quality has remained

After corresponding with label founder Andrew Ross Collins for many
years, I finally got to meet him and label cohort Naasko at a
memorable Japanese lunch in Vancouver which also included Gaudi, Rara
Avis and Adham Shaikh. It was a lovely afternoon spent with like-
minded people who were in the music business for all of the right
reasons- the kind of get together I wish I got to do more often.

If you are a fan of quality electronic music that isn't afraid to be
deep and beautiful and you are not familiar yet with Interchill, you
are in for a real treat. If you thought the label was only about
"chilled" sounds, then you need to explore some of their more recent
output which has moved into satisfyingly adventurous directions.

Andrew and Naasko have been kind enough to offer us TWO tracks for
your listening pleasure. Eat Static's "Pharaoh" is a great slice of
Middle Eastern influenced electronica and Liquid Stranger's "Familiar
& Unknown" is a beautiful dub/electro track. Hopefully they will give
you enough of a taste of where this label is coming from to inspire
you to explore further.


KakoOlalaJwal said...

Hehehe, Bob, I second every word of your thread, I've been following the label for years now (and I'm feeling jealous that you could get your hand on a copy of Northern Circuits, ha !)and got the chance to be in "virtual" contact with Andrew (thanks to a wallpaper I made for them a few years ago) as well as meeting Gaudi a few times on festivals.. I'm also feeling jealous about this lunch session you're describing, ha ! Good vibes, I guess.. Yalla, back to the point, yes, yes, and yes, every reader of this blog MUST trust what Bob is explaining.. The constant focus on releasing quality music is more than respectable and I do so often feel some kind of frustration when I'm comparing their work with the "successful" one of releases like Buddha-Bar and the likes, that Bob mentions.. This world is going upside-down, haha ! I would like to mention some tips in their catalogue but this is kind of trifling, as I'm fond of so many of their releases, may them be more ethnic (give a try to EkKo and the EkKocentric compilation, amongst others), ambient/chill or more "elektro" so to speak (V.A. Devil in the Detail, awesome !).. I'm always waiting for their next releases with such a serenity to get satisfied..

Useless to say that when I'm spinning records in front of a crowd, Interchill and Six Degrees are always flitting together for my own pleasure and, according to their responses, the listeners..

Big up to both of You :)
Arnaud Kakoo

Blogger said...

Sprinter - ChokeLine (170BPM)