Friday, October 3, 2008

Jef Stott's Summer 2008 tour log

Lots of stuff going on in Jef Stott's world these days. There's a remix contest for his track "Lamaset (Miami Mix)" happening over at Acid Planet:

and his new "Digital 12" featuring remixes by Nickodemus and David Starfire will be released next Tuesday October 7th.

Jef took a moment to catch his breath, reflect on his whirlwind summer and share some of his tour stories and photos with us.

Jef Stott Summer 2008 tour log

Finally back in SF after a whole summer of touring and it seemed like a good idea to get some thoughts and experiences down about all the touring and traveling I did in support of Saracen release. I managed to spend over 100 hours in a plane traveling to Miami, Austin, Vancouver, Victoria, New York, Thailand, Taiwan, British Columbia, Seattle, Portland and finally home to SF. It is by far the most touring I have ever done. Have oud, will travel.

I had become so used to constant motion that when I finally arrived home I was in a completely different reality and it took a while to settle in, but I am back in this hemisphere now and beginning work on my Graduate thesis involving brainwaves, sensors, music and biofeedback, putting a new live ensemble together and reconnecting with all the good people here at home.

Highlights of the world tour:

…playing Drom in New York with Zeb and then heading over to Nublu with Ahmed from Numi, Zeb, Nickodemus and few others to catch Forro in the Dark and then next day, another set under the NYC skyline at the Turntables on the Hudson 4th of July party.

Zeb and Nickodemus in NY

…while in New York cruising with Nickodemus in Brooklyn, listening to his new track with Jay Z on the radio, nice one.

Then two days later flew to Bangkok to begin the Asian tour

…playing the half moon party on Kah Phangan beach in Thailand, a set of psy-chill under the palms and the stars… .

Stencil Art/Graffiti Bangkok

…and then off to Taipei, for a week of shows throughout Taiwan with a clutch of fabulous Taiwanese belly dancers.

take off leaving Bangkok for Taipei

Landing from Taipei, home for only one day and then jetting of to the promised land of British Columbia.

The Shambhala Festival was amazing, incredibly well organized with top shelf talent in a breathtaking setting. The weather added an extra element as we had a very intense lightning storm Friday, with bolts hitting the Festival grounds several times, a massive hailstorm on Saturday and down pours during Nicko’s set Sunday, but the beat goes on…

overland thru British Columbia

I had the good fortune of playing on the same stage Sunday with Cheb I Sabbah, Adham Shaikh, and Nickodemus. Talk about tough acts to follow! We rocked it hard all day long. The beach stage on Sunday was where it’s at.

the Shambhala crew: Omar, Nickodemus, Adham Shaikh, Nova, Jef Stott, Ganga Giri

…Spent a couple of days with Adham Shaikh, his family and the Ganga Giri tribe on Adham's land in BC and then began the long overland journey to Portland for the Beloved festival. Upon arriving on site, met up with David Starfire and we immediately began chatting like two school kids as we had so much to catch up on.

I had the honor of playing the first DJ set at Beloved, stetting the stage for all the great sets to come from Starfire, Cheb and Gaudi. Again, another stellar line up. Spent some good time with Gaudi on Sunday wandering the festival grounds together and chatting with everyone. Played a bit of oud with him during his killer roots reggae set Sunday afternoon.

I must say the best thing about working on this global music is meeting and collaborating with amazing people from literally all over the world. As our genre is somewhat rarified, I had the opportunity to spend really quality time this summer with the folks that are putting out some of the best music on the planet. There is a really strong network and community between all of the producers and Djs worldwide, the festival producers and the folks at labels like Six Degrees, Dakini, Wonderwheel etc. This sense of commradary is the lifeblood that flows thru our sets and our lives as we journey on.

See you out there next time around!

Caio for now

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