Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Free Noize: J-Boogie

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Here at Six Degrees Records, we have had many talented interns that have gone on to big things in the music business (after we school them in the wicked ways of the biz of course). One of our favorite intern alumni is San Francisco based J-Boogie who has just released his new album through fellow Bay Area record label Om Records . J was always the best kind of hip hop junkie, the kind with open ears for the good stuff and a healthy respect for the history of where all those funky samples actually came from. His Beatsauce radio show on local college station KUSF has justifiably won many awards and his skills as a live DJ have continued to grow over the years to the point that he now rocks dance-floors around the world. Most surprising though is his maturity as a producer. It's a long stretch between loving the music and making the music but somehow, J has developed a soulful and funky production style that pays tribute to his heroes while blazing it's own adventurous trail.

You can hear his multi-lingual, soulful style in full effect on the track that he and Om have graciously let us share with you. The rest of Soul Vibrations beautifully lives up to it's name and is well worth digging into.


J-Boogie has delivered his masterful mix up of culture, soul, rhythm and beats both at home in the Bay Area through his award winning radio program “Beatsauce” on KUSF, and around the globe spinning DJ sets in countries like Colombia, India, Japan, and Spain. J-Boogie’s local success has earned him awards such as “San Francisco’s Best Radio & Club DJ” by and “Best Hip–Hop Radio Show” by SF Bay Guardian. His global success has earned him acclaim and opportunities world wide, including spots on Japanese radio and television, sportswear sponsorships, and the opportunity to DJ the Tokyo Dome for an NFL football game.

For his new and highly anticipated sophomore album, Soul Vibrations, J-boogie has put together a new “Dubtronic Science” band featuring a horn section, Latin percussionists and MC’s. Like its predecessor, J-Boogie’s second album features an impressive line up of artists including The Rebirth, Rich Medina, Lyrics Born, Ohmega Watts, Zion I, Crown City Rockers, Jennifer Johns, Deuce Eclipse, Capitol A, The Mamaz, Jazz Mafia, Lunar Heights, Jrod Indigo, Tony Moses and more.

J-boogie has also contributed his genius sounds to a wide array of mix tapes, remixes, and albums. He has released several remixes for artists such as DJ Vadim, Miguel Migs, Karsh Kale, The Rebirth, Zeph & Azeem, Mark Farina, and Soulstice as well as being featured on Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz 5 & 6, Om Lounge series, Ubiquity compilations and remix projects.

J-boogie’s vast contributions to the music world and his ongoing commitment to his own projects as well as the projects of other artists, have allowed him to make fans and friends out of some of the most respected artists in the industry. The game’s most well respected DJs are already buzzing about J-Boogie’s newest creation, and always have nothing but the best to say about not only his creations, but his character as well.

DJ Sake one of PST/Fania said: “This [album, Soul Vibrations] is the West Coast wake up, deep vibes dipped dubwise and intelligently manifested as future soul music. Top shelf shit!!!”

DJ Sabo, Sol Selectas/Turntable Lab in NYC said: “You know I’m feelin’ these soulful buttery funky vibes! ‘Inferno’ and ‘Que Pasa’ [off the Soul Vibrations album] are already getting heavy, heavy rotation from me!! Can’t wait to hear and play out the rest of the album!”

DJ Nu-mark of Jurassic 5 said: “This [Soul Vibrations] record is like Easy listening performing a duet with updated Funk.”

And finally, DJ Eleven sums up J-boogie’s career with these words: “J Boogie is one of my favorite people in the world & everyone should be jealous of him. He works harder than you, he is a nicer guy than you, and, ‘cause his album is dope, he’s going to go further in life than you!”


KakoOlalaJwal said...

Thanks you loads Global Noize for this discovery.. I didn't know about this fantastic artist before.. I'll get a copy of his album as soon as possible !

Global Noize said...

That's great- that's just what this blog is for-