Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Alice Russell news

(Alice Russell plays Let Us Be Loving at the Big Chill 2009 to a slideshow of photos taken by Digby Oldridge)

We just an update we'd like to share from Alice Russell, whose 'Pot of Gold Remixes" album will be out on Six Degrees Records in the States at the end of October!

Hello There -

Video Shoot
I write this a little bit in a rush as we are preparing for the video shoot tomorrow of 'Let Us Be Loving' (it's going to be the next single!) Last week the band, TM Juke and I got back in the studio to re-record the single version. After playing it live the song has evolved so we decided to recreate that in the studio.
Lots of lamb kebabs and extra string parts later we had it down so we decided we should get the gang together and do a video. Everyone has been amazing helping out. The only thing we have left to sort is 2 dancers but I think we are close. It's amazing if you reach out to peeps how much people give back. I've even got my man friend on catering duties so the troops will be well fed. I will post up some photos of tomorrows delights so you guys can have a sneek preview of the video that is to follow!
Koko Launch Party
Next we get rehersing for the launch party at Koko in London next week! I can't wait as I have always loved this venue and we have the full big band in full effect for this so im excited, yes-sirrr-eeeeee! Hope to see you there.

I gotta go and buy some beads n eye lashes for the backing singers and dancers for the video so I best get on my way!

Big love xxxxxxxx A

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