Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Les Triaboliques: Crossing the Stone Bridge

Free Download - Les Triaboliques: Crossing the Stone Bridge

We've got something a little bit different for you today courtesy of of the good folks from the World Village Label. This moody slice of acoustic fusion is from a new collaborative project called Les Triaboliques featuring multi-instrumentalists Ben Mandelson, Lu Edmonds and Justin Adams. Their debut album rivermudtwilight is the culmination of a decades-long quest by these visionaries to absorb and utilize the planet’s panoply of sound. Having exercised their skills individually within numerous diverse settings, it was perhaps inevitable that this “meeting of the ancient guild of post-punk, Anglo, globetrotting string players reveling in idiosyncrasy,” as Adams describes it, would eventually come to fruition.

rivermudtwilight, released today, comprises 11 exquisitely rendered tracks—most composed by the British trio and produced by Rob Keyloch—that employ a battery of conventional and exotic instruments, multilingual vocals and a seamless merger of international influences. These diablos of dusk-core bear new distressed string band music for the 21st Century. The Desert, the Delta, the Steppes and the Underground—all are united in what Mandelson likes to call “Triabolique Twi-Fi.” The U.K. newspaper The Guardian has called Les Triaboliques “a pleasingly ragged supergroup,” but the musicians see themselves as like-minded seekers who, as Adams puts it, share “parallel musical lives.”

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