Friday, September 18, 2009

DJ Vinnie Esparza's Friday Five

We've known DJ Vinnie Esparza since he was just a pup. He's always had great taste in jazzy, funky & psychedelic grooves and has been voted "Best DJ in San Francisco" a few times. He's also been known to release some rare and tasty sounds on his own Disjoint label. We've asked Vinnie to bring Global Noize a regular selection of some of his favorite tunes. Check back every Friday for a hand picked selection that's guaranteed to make your weekends groove harder-

Another helping of 5 great songs you will enjoy!

Jamaican rocksteady magic.

Such a great song from this criminally underrated band.

One of the hardest Latin funk songs ever recorded. Check for the drum breakdown!

File this under: "Awful album cover, killer song." (Yes, it's THAT Spirit)

Sean Paul? Who??

Off to play the Monterey Jazz Fest this weekend. Come by the DJ tent and say hi if you're there!

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